Checklist for Your Website

Checklist for Your Website

Many millions of people use the Internet to obtain information. And a large part of it also actively uses the Internet to publish its own information, e.g. on their own website. Unfortunately, some of these sites are not of a high-quality nature, which can be ascribed to a lack of knowledge of the subject matter.

However, with a few basic information, it is easy to quickly reach a higher quality. And the best: it’s fun!

Here are some basic tips for beginners about how to approach your own homepage.

What do I need for my Internet presence?

From the idea to the finished website, it is only a short way. Nevertheless, a few steps will be taken. Here we explain the components involved and how to use them correctly.

Your website that you want to publish on the web requires web space on a web server that is located at a data center provider. This is also referred to as hosting. In order to give your Internet presence a clearly identifiable address, you need a domain (for example, “”).

In addition, you need a program (such as a CMS like WordPress) to create the actual content, such as texts, images, and other files, and transfer them to the web server via FTP.

In order to receive an e-mail message (eg via a contact form on your website), you need an e-mail address and an e-mail account or e-mail forwarding to your already existing email address.

In order for your website to be found on the Internet by search engines, use the methods of online marketing or search engine marketing and search engine optimization (“SEO”).